So one week from today we will be heading to my parents house to leave for our cruise the next day!! Don’t worry, my good friend is staying at our house to take care of my little girls! Bobby was busy today with work and errands so I decided to make my surprise today for us and my parents.

MOM if you are reading DON’T LOOK! 🙂

Disney Shirts!! I made one for all of us. here is the front and back:

Ok so here is the story behind the shirts. I had the clever idea to make these last year for all 6 of us (sister and BIL included) They were so cute, and on the back had a saints played mickey mouse. I spent hours with my mom ironing these things on, it was so tedious! So we wore them all together on the same day looking sure cute….and then my dad started sweating…and THE COLOR STARTED TO RUN! I was devastated! I spent money and time on these and they were ruined! I bought crappy transparencies from wal mart, so I figured thats what it was. SO, still wanting a cute shirt to wear over and over, I decided to try again, a year later, with much better transparencies I bought online that people swear by. The color looks so vibrant and great so lets hope they hold up!! My mom and dad don’t know, so I am excited!! (these transparencies were also a lot easier to use!)

So after I did this, I was feeling blah (I had been feeling blah all day.) But I forced myself out for a run. what is this I see by the clubhouse/pool?

It’s a tent, it’s a tent! yes, yes, you say, you can see that, but why? A crawfish boil that’s why! Now, personally, I don’t eat seafood so I could care less about it, but Bobby LOVES seafood, and he is pretty stoked, so I will sit in the hot sun, talk to people I don’t know, all for the sake of free food love.
Why am I being so kind you ask? Sunday is the boy’s 27th birthday, so I am being kind 🙂 But, more about that tomorrow.
So back to my run, it was awful. I was SO not feeling it, (I was doing sprint intervals) and it was hot and I had a lot on my mind so I came in after 1.2 miles and did some arm weights. Not much but something right? It counts!

Ok, I am off to watch reruns of something I am sure so I hope everyone has a good night!
QOTD: What have you done lately in the name of love?