Well, this morning we were about to go for a run, then this happened:

Obviously we weren’t going to run, and we were a little worried about the crawfish boil! So, I did that killer lunges and squats video I have done before (20 minutes of it) and then the rain stopped and it was time to go eat, yay for no more rain!
Here is where they were cooking the crawfish:

and we had a band, who was pretty good!

Bobby being Bobby. you should have seen some of the looks he got when he told people not to eat the dead ones haha!

ok, see these trays here? Bobby had SEVEN, yes seven full trays! I think he is gearing up for the cruise.

they had two cool water slide things for the kids, too.

Good times were had (I ate a hot dog ad had som tea) and the sun came out and it got really hot so we left. Bobby is about to cut the grass and I am debating on a run. hhmm
Hope everyone is having a good Saturday! Tomorrow is Bobby’s Birthday!

QOTD: DO you attend neighborhood social events?