Today was Bobby’s 27th Birthday.
The day started out with me making him breakfast in bed and giving him his presents (a couple blu ray’s and running shoes of course!) He ate on the birthday plate (we have a lot of traditions!)

Ok so we have this running joke we have had ever since Bobby’s 22nd birthday. I had gone into his apartment and decorated his room and made these signs and all this stuff for when he got home. Well, we kept the signs, and for my birthday a month later, he flipped the one around that said Bobby and wrote “Heather” in marker, and used all the same signs. on two of the signs I had “22” in glitter, and he even took a small scrap of paper and changed it to my age and paperclipped it to the sign. It was hilarious, and I called him lazy! Well, we have kept those stupid signs and put them out for each other’s b-days ever since and just change the slip of paper with the new number. So this morning I decorated the living room and you can see the signs I originally made 5 years ago!

here we are before we left for church

We went to church, came home and I cooked spaghetti for lunch and we vegged out for awhile, then went back to the church for leadership training. Then we went to coldstone for birthday ice cream! I got cheesecake with strawberries mixed in.

Now we are home just hanging out enjoying the last bit of birthday!
Today was rest day for me, I am so sore from my workout video I did! I did some foam rolling earlier and man did it hurt!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

QOTD: Do you have birthday traditions?