So today was a big eye opener that I can’t eat the way that I used to! It started out good, I got up and had a 3 miles run. The first two miles were pretty decent, and the third was difficult, but I did it. Then we had some errands to run last minute before the trip, so we ran to Wal Mart and Old Navy and then went to lunch. Bobby wanted to try this new place, kind of a burger joint/everything fried. I got some chicken tenders with fries and a side of fresh fruit. Instead of having like, bread for each table or chips and salsa, they brought out these thick potato chip type things. Well, I was starving so I ate and ate…They were SO greasy and SO salty! Then our food came and the fries were SO salty and the chicken was all battered and greasy. I ate some fruit, half a tender and a handful of fries and got really nauseated! I couldn’t eat anymore! I was SO sick to my stomach (and still kind of am!) We went to Smoothie King and got smoothies and then came home and took naps! I haven’t taken a nap since the week after school got out when I was trying to catch up on sleep. I still feel really sluggish and bleh!
Moral of the story is, I just can’t eat all the junk i used to be able to! Granted, I do NOT eat “clean” or near as well as most healthy living bloggers, but I have gotten MUCH better since January. To think that I used to eat like this ALL the time and that a ton of people eat meals like this every day makes me sick! It’s no wonder America, and MY STATE in particular are SO unhealthy! Bobby and I were talking about the cruise and how we are going to have to be careful what we eat so we don’t feel gross the whole time!
All I did was make very small changes and over time I wanted more fruit, less grease, etc. But it for sure did not happen overnight, so if I can do it, you can do it! Take a small step today!