Ok, so if you missed my coconut water review you can check it out HERE.

Well, I mentioned (I think) in my review that I bought several of the regular/plain coconut waters, and one of the peach mango ones. As you know from the review I thought it was AWFUL, just pure torture! Well, the husband popped open the mango/peach one and I reluctantly agreed to try it…It was…not that bad! I could actually swallow without gagging! It’s a miracle! So I am definitely now willing to give the other flavors a try. Score!

Moving on. Do you remember me Zevia review HERE?
Well, I was bummed because I could only find them at The Fresh Market. Well, much to my surprise, I found them at KROGER the other day!

They had a flavor I hadn’t tried, black cherry! I got a 6 pack for a better price than at The Fresh Market, and we pretty stoked. The black cherry is pretty good! definitely growing on me and I don’t fee so bad about drinking this “soda.”

I haven’t worked out today, I had to babysit early in the morning. It is ssooo hot right now so no running…May run this evening, may do some arms and a workout video and run in the morning. Decisions Decisions! Ok, whatever I decide, I have to go PACK!