So, I was hoping today would be relaxing, packing, getting ready for the trip, etc. Not so much! Bobby was going to go to his office for a bit, go workout, run a couple errands for me, then go to his other job at 4. Well, by the time I got back from my awful 1.5 mile run (it was so humid I couldn’t breath!) and an hour at the pool, Bobby was hard at work on a new case. Well, within the next 2 hours he got two new cases. SO much for his relaxing day! He was also supposed to cut the grass. He ended up not being able to go to the gym or run any errands, and he only packed a little.  He literally ran out the door after his shower to go to work. Look how nasty his legs were after he cut the grass!

So packing took WAY longer than I thought. I worked for over 4 hours before calling it quits for a while. This is the current state of our bedroom:

We leave tomorrow morning for my parents house I am so excited! So I will be on twitter until Sunday midday, then I turn my phone off till the 18th, then it will be back on, so I will try to post twitter pics. So, if you aren’t following me on twitter, you can do so by clicking on the button on the right sidebar. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Check back next week for a trip recap!