I am having major vacation withdrawals! There were no chocolates on my pillow last night, no one to serve me my dinner in a very professional fashion, no eating whatever food I want whenever. *Sigh*
I am trying to decide how I want to share my pictures, I won’t share them all because I have about 500, but share I will, so hang on!
I got up this morning and went to the gym and did 3.1 miles of fast intervals. It felt good to sprint!

Ok, so when I came home I had this waiting for me!

I got it on sale before the cruise and I was so excited. I have been wanting a princess skirt for a long time but refused to pay full price. I haven’t run in it yet but will take pics when I do.

I was SO excited to come home and see my puppies yesterday. We played and played and poor Bella was wiped out. Look how she is laying haha

I will start posting some of my cruise pics tomorrow. Here is a sneak peek though: