Ok So I thought while I formulate my thoughts on what to share about my trip I would go ahead and share with you the 2 times I actually worked out. (We also walked a lot too!) I ran on the ship on our sea day on the treadmill. The fitness center has windows all across the front looking out and I was worried I would fall off the treadmill so I got on one that was a row back and down and I really couldn’t see out. Also, they have these awesome tv screens right in front of your face on every treadmill so i watched South Africa play in the world cup. I had two people come up and ask me the score lol! I ran 3 miles. It felt great but at the same time I felt so BLEH so I took it slow.
The second time I ran was on Castaway Cay, Disney’s AMAZING private island. Every Disney cruise to the Bahamas/Caribbean stops here for a day. We were on a special cruise called a double dip and we got to go twice, so they ran the 5k twice. We decided to only do it on the 2nd stop and relax the first time.
Honestly, I would have been fine NOT doing it (Hello, vacation!) but Bobby really wanted to do it so I agreed. Well, let me tell you…something about the SUN in the bahamas….it seems so much stronger and hotter! Now, I live in Mississippi, so I am used to running in 95 degree weather and 100% humidity, BUT, this was different.
We met at the gangway right off the ship at 8:30. There were about 12-15 people, I was one of three girls. I met a guy who ran the Disney full this year and I told him we ran the half, and another guy was talking about all his marathons…this is when I looked around and realized we were among some really elite runners! eekk! Why are we doing this again?!?
Here I am right before we took off

We walked over to a map and the cast member showed us the “route” we would be taking. we were running down the road through the main guest areas then down the airstrip to the adult beach, around the bike path and back to the ship.
We took off running and we made the mistake of trying to keep pace with these crazy people. We backed off a little but I wanted to keep them in my sights. we ran a 9 something first mile and the sun was so hot I knew I couldn’t hold that pace.
It was really nice and peaceful though running with no one around on this beautiful island! We stopped a couple times to take pics

we came up on the airstrip where we had to go down to the end and then turn around and head down the bike path. We passed everyone already going back the other way and I started thinking we were not even halfway!

we thought it would be fun to get an action shot!
if you look behind me to the left you can see blue, that’s the water at the adult beach, so beautiful!

we turned into the bike path and we were all by ourselves, I kept hearing things rustling in the bushes!

we got to the observation tower and they had water there so we stopped and I refilled my bottle.

it seemed like we were on that stupid bike path forever! We finally came out and were headed bac down the rest of the airstrip and through the guest areas to the ship. We almost got lost once, too!

As we were going down the main path we ran into my parents who were headed for the beach. My mom of course starts cheering and screaming for us!
The last half mile was so brutal. We kept passing people going to the beach who looked at us like we were insane! At this point I started telling Bobby I hated him for making me do this! I looked at my garmin and we had gone 3.3 miles! We get back to the ship and the cast member who ran with us was waiting for us with towels, water, and a nice Disney cruise line water bottle. I thought all of that was a nice touch! He thanked us for running and we went back on the ship to change into our suits and meet my parents back at the beach!

Ok so those are my workout recaps. Stay tuned for more vaca pics!
I ran 2.1 miles outside today, it was so hot. running at 11:30 is not the best idea. I also did some arm weights. Not sure what I will do tomorrow yet!

Have a good night!
QOTD: Where is the most beautiful place you have run?