Ok so i decided I am not going to go REALLY into detail here with what happened on the trip, but it would be more of a picture diary with a few explinations thrown in. Also, I won’t do it everyday b/c it’s WAY time consuming but I will throw in differnt days every few days or whenever I have the extra time. Make sense? Ok good!

We drove to my parents Friday the 11th and had dinner and a surprise cake for Bobby

Left at 3:30 AM the next morning, got to Port Orleans Riverside around 3:00 PM

we all 4 shared a room since it was just one night, to save money.

We then went to the pool, then ate in the food court and went to Downtown Disney and got ice cream

Sorry this is a short one but I am realizing my pics are not organized like I want them to be and it is making things take twice as long so i will do more next time I blog about the trip, so sorry!
I took a rest day from exercise today. Tomorrow I will run here or at the gym. Have a good night all!

QOTD: what picture uploader do you use? I use photobucket mostly.