We got a call at 1:15 this morning that Bobby’s dad’s heart rate dropped from the 150’s to the 60’s, and they lost his pulse for a bit. They got him back, had him on meds and said it would keep him alive at least until morning. We got another call at 5 saying we needed to come up to the hospital so we went, and found out he keeps crashing, and he meds they give are keeping him alive. The decision was made that the next time his BP dropped, they would not give him any more meds. We waited, it took awhile, and we gathered in his room at 9:20 as his numbers dropped down th zero. It has been a sad, long, weekend and will be a sad long week.
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as arrangements are made and final words are said. I will blog when I can, things will be back to normal soon, I hope you are understand and will be patient with me during this time. Thanks for being loyal readers. Love yall!

Robert Earl Montgomery III