We walked through the ears and saw the welcome aboard signs!

When we got to the lobby they asked our names and said over the loudspeaker “welcome aboard” and said our families names. It was a nice touch.
We were directed down the hall to eat lunch.

VERY excited to finally be on the mickey boat!

We were directed up the elevators to the Beach Blanket buffet for lunch. They had a great spread of food and we ate outside on the deck

After we ate we realized it was time for our rooms to be ready! We had an oceanview room on the 2nd floor

We then went to wander around for a bit and explore the ship and found these guys.

This is one thing we noticed about this cruise line, is the huge opportunity to see characters and not wait in line. we walked up to these guys and there was no one around. then they started walkin away and were goofing off in front of the Walt DIsney Theater, and NO ONE was around so we followed them and played with them for a few minutes, it was fun!

my dad pointing to the sign that says this area for guest 18 and up ha!

Ok that’s all for now. More boat pictures and the first night of dinner will be next.

ok other business, I didn’t workout today, but I have been cleaning all morning since my family is coming in tonight for the funeral. That counts right? I may also do some hand weights later, too.