Today me and a relative spent 9 hours at my father in laws house, and 23 trash bags later of paperwork ONLY, the house looks the same lol! We didn’t throw away ANY “stuff” just went through cabinet after cabinet of old paperwork, etc. My back hurts so bad from bending over so much and lifting/carrying heavy things. That has GOT to count as some form of workout!

But in all reality…it’s Thursday and I ahven’t run since Monday and I am feeling blah. I am going to get back with it tomorrow, and try to write some more running related posts (sorry guys it’s been a little crazy here!) Yesterday was a hard day for everyone, but we are getting through it. SO many people came to the visitation and funeral I didn’t even get to talk to everyone! Thanks again for all your prayers, thoughts, and support!

I will let you know tomorrow if I am sore!

QOTD: What household chores do you consider a workout?