I am not a spontaneous person. I am a PLANNER. I plan my runs, I plan my weekends, I plan everything! This does not leave a lot of room to do spur of the moment things. They make me nervous and uncomfortable and pretty frazzled. This is hwy when Bobby decided we were going to visit my parents this weekend for my early birthday celebration I kind of started to twitch. Of COURSE I can’t wait to go, but he told me at 8 pm and we are leaving at 8:30 am today! I have been quickly throwing things into my suitcase, getting the dogs things together, etc. Neighbors are watching the house, we are good to go! Now, just to ENJOY myself would be a miracle!

I am brining running clothes, I like to run at my parents house because it’s something different than what I run here! DO you ever get tired of running the same old course? What I do a lot is drive my car to a different neighborhood and park and run so that its new scenery, and that seems to make the log runs in particular a lot less painful! For example, I mostly can’t stand to do more than 3 miles around here because I get so bored, but I will glady do more at my parents this weekend. Well, we will see. I will check back in tomorrow and let you know if I really did, and I will try to remember to take some pictures, too! Have a good Friday!

QOTD: What do you do to beat running bordem?