We went to my parents house this weekend and celebrated early. (My bday is the 13th) We did a lot of nothing, just hanging out talking. I did elliptical Saturday and Bobby and I ran 3 miles this morning. It was nice, and not too hot yet!
Last night we had birthday cake, it was wedding cake flavored, my favorite! (I also had a wedding cake flavored snowball yesterday!) So I thought I would just post a few pictures from the festivities. This week will be crazy, sadly, Bobby’s favorite aunt passed away this morning, exactly one week after his dad, so it is hard on the family, there will be another funeral at some point this week. Everyone has been so kind. We have gotten several cards, phone calls, and e mails in the past week and it all means a lot to us!

say cheese!

my parents put my presents in a reusable New Orleans Saints bag, haha

Look at my pretty cake! It has poured icing on it. Yum!

I definately had to light my own candles. not cool! At least they sang to me!

Now, I always, always, get a “birthday week” and I am not sure when it is starting but it must be soon! Ok going to unpack.

QOTD: Do you celebrate on one day or multiple days?