Ok so back to Mickey boat pictures!

The last set I posted were of our room, and lunch and some exploring of the ship. Here we go with more!

This is the Quiet cove (adult) pool. aaahh

Mickey kid’s pool

eerr…random shot of the deck!

by that time it was time to head back to our rooms for the wonderful boat drill. Here is the obligatory picture…oh Bobby

Mom likes to wave at the camera

It was quick and painless, then it was time to get on the deck for the sail away party! Which honestly wasn’t that exciting and it was SO HOT I had sweat dripping down my back. eewww

As the party was ending we knew the boat was leaving soon and my dad wanted to see us leave the port so we went to the front of the ship and heard the most wonderful sound, the ship horn! For those of you you don’t know, the ship horn is the first 7 notes to the song “When you wish upon a star” it makes me tear up every time! We watched for a few minutes as we floated away, saw a couple stingrays in the water, then realized we had to go change for dinner, we had a 5:45 seating.

We ate at Animators Palatte, and met Ricardo and Allwyn, our awesome servers!

Bobby got the kids mac and cheese as one of his like, 3 entrees. They have the BEST mac!

This is a cool place. The walls start off as black and white and the waiter’s vests as well, then it changes to color by the end and they have colorful vests, too!

After dinner we went to the shops, Bobby broke his Oakleys so he had to get new sunglasses. Then we went to the show, it was the Golden Mickey’s, it was so good! I of course cried..We were pooped so we went to bed early if I remember correctly. Tomorrow we would be at Castaway Cay!