I had been looking forward to this day for MONTHS, years maybe. Going to Disney’s private island: Castaway Cay. Also, more importantly, going to the adults only beach on sid island…serenity bay! We got up early and went to breakfast at beach blanket buffet.

We got off the ship as soon as we were allowed. We were finally here, in paradise!

At the tram stop with the flying dutchman in the background

Me in front of the Wonder

they have a real working post office!

we had to change trams at the family beach to go to the adult beach. We passed a fruit stand where you just go up and get what you want! (all the food is already paid for in the price of your cruise)

passing the family beach. It was so nice being one of the first ones out, we got to see everything all peaceful and undisturbed

the entrance to serenity bay…bliss

there was no one down the beach! We went a good ways down to be away from everyone

Ok that’s all for now. Plenty more CC pics will be coming up next time I post photos. Doing this is making me want to go back So badly! It is just perfection. I wouldn’t care if the cruise went anywhere else, just let us stay here!

On a running note, Bobby and I ran 3 miles this morning. It was quite humid, and started out overcast which was really nice. About halfway through the sun came out and we were not prepared. We didn’t even bring our sunglasses because all we saw were clouds when we started. oh well. I ran FIVE days this week. that is a lot for me. It only totaled 15 miles, but still. I am proud!

QOTD: What is your favorite beach?