Ok, so there is a POSSIBILITY (I haven’t signed up yet) that I will be running the Disney full in January. 6 months away almost to the DAY! (I think it’s the 7th or 9th of something) Anyway, This has been a dream of mine since January 2009, and I really hope I get to do it. So, I decided to start looking at training plans. I am going to try to follow a plan as best I can, but I am sure I will make some modifications.

I am basing my plan off of the Runner’s World smart coach plan. If you haven’t checked it out go look at it. You plug in a time for a recent race, how hard you want to train, etc. and It spits out a training plan for you.  I like the plan, except it has you running only 3 days a week, so i will be adding one day of running to make it four days of running per week.  I will cross train one or two days, depending on scheduling, and I wll rest 1-2 days.

The key for me is not getting burnt out, especially with the long runs. The thought of running 20 miles for training scares the mess out of me! I get bored very easily while running, so I will have to come up with a good plan for staying entertained. Hopefully, my husband will be training with me, and will at least do most of the long runs with me.

Another thing I will be changing is I will be starting earlier than the smart coach plan calls for. It is a 16 week plan, which would have me starting beginning of September. With the first long run being 8 miles and me not having done more than 6 since my last half in February, I need to start building up some mileage now. Plus, I would like to give msyelf a week or two of “wiggle room” in case I miss a week due to injury, illness, travel, etc. Let’s face it, stuff happens, and I would hate to not have time or feel confident in my training because I got behind 3 weeks. So, I think if I start a month early, beginning of August, I will be good to go. So instead of starting with an 8 mile long run I will start with 5, then 6, then 7 before the official program starts. I have a feeling I will be doing a good bit indoors because here in Mississippi it won’t cool down enough for long runs until mid to the end of October.

As you can see, several things to think about. Ideally, I would love to finish in under 5 hours, but to be honest, I just want to finish!

So what does everyone think? Go take a look at smart coach and give me comments and opinions. I have not nailed down everything yet to a “T” but I feel better knowing I have more of a plan.

Today is a rest day, tomorrow I have to work but I will either come home and do elliptical or run. Then Tuesday is my BIRTHDAY!