I am very impatient. It is really, really, coming out right now. Isn’t it funny how something going on in our minds can have a real, physical effect on our bodies? I am waiting on something right now and as a result, have been nauseated, anxious, and exhausted. Weird huh? I can’t stop thinking about it even though I don’t WANT to think about it. I hope I don’t make myself sick!

I was hoping to run this afternon, but honestly, I am so tired and not feeling well that I don’t think I can! I have been eating awful and don’t seem to care. It’s the strangest thing! I wish this would go away because tomorrow is my Birthay and I don’t want to be nauseated, anxious, or in a weird mood! I know I can’t change anything to make things happen quicker, so my worry and anxiety isn’t actually benefitting anyone, but I just can’t seem to stop!

I know this isn’t really a normal post but it is so forefront in my mind I had to type it out!

QOTD: What do you do to handle impatience and worry?

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