So my awesome friend Jen sent me this shirt for my birthday:

please excuse the death warmed over look. I had just woken up and obviously am not wearing any makeup! Oh well!

I know you probably can’t read it, but it says “In training for 2011” then under mickey is says “walt disney world marathon” It’s an awesome workout shirt made by champion, and I wore it to the gym today! So, as I was running ont he treadmill in my new shirt…I started thinking…wow..the fact that i am wearing this…am I REALLY going to do this? I am petrified! 3 miles seemed endless this morning. EEEKK! Then I cursed Jen for being so sneaky and using this as a ploy to get me to run…just kidding…sort of. 😛

So i guess baring a problem with regestration, conflict of time, or some other unforseable thing…I am going to run the Disney marathon...gulp..

QOTD: What do you do to overcome your running fears and insecurities?