Ok folks, I am officially in the market for a treadmill. I realized that’s the only thing I use my express-type gym for, so why am I paying a monthly fee when I can just buy a treadmill and workout at home! This is my pros and cons list of having my own treadmill:


  • I don’t have to leave my house
  • I can watch whatever I want, andΒ  not the news or the cooking channel they always play
  • I don’t have to waste time or gas driving to my out-of-the-way gym
  • When it’s hot/cold/rainy I can just hop on my very own treadmill, so no excuses for no running


  • I want a good treadmill so that’s going to cost
  • What if I decide to one day use the other gym equipment (not that likely, but still)
  • Sometimes I NEED to force myself out of the house so I don’t go stir crazy

That’s all I can think of. In my mind, the Pros outweigh the cons. What do you thing?

On to my next question…..What kind to get? I never realized buying a treadmill is similiar to buying a car…there are SO many options! SO tell me, what are a “must” in a treadmill and what are the “it’s not but not a necessity” and the “make sure it DOESN’T….” Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. After I compile some help and research I will come back with some results, and if I am not sure between a few, I will let you guys help me pick!!! ooooohhhh that could be fun! PLEASE help me friends! Have a great Sunday!

QOTD: Do you own any exercise equipment?