SO where I last left you we had made it out to quiet, peaceful, and empty Serenity Bay

The water was SO CLEAR you could see straight to the bottom

you can tell it’s the first day by how pale I am!

our little “set up.” In the background are cabanas you can rent for an insane amount of money

silly dad

My dad and I walked up to the bar area to get the drink of the day. They also have little people that walk down the beach taking dirnk orders

This is my FAVORITE picture of the whole cruise. PARADISE!

The adult beach had it’s own little outdoor restaurant/BBQ place so we didn’t ahve to go back to the main area/kid area to eat. Here is dad outside the eating area. They had dessert, too! soft serve ice cream cones and cookies, fruit, ribs, burgers, etc.

more relaxing. We drug the chairs down to the water

Bobby found some sort of sea creature. Don’t worry, we put him back

That’s all for now! It’s raining so I am going to go hop on the elliptical and life some hand weights (not at the same time of course!) Hope everyone has a good evening. Hoping to run in the morning!

QOTD: Do you like to look for shells/creatures/etc. in the ocean?