Thought I would use today to take care of a few “housekeeping” things.

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-Disneyworld room only prices for 2011 are now out, but if you want a PACKAGE (tickets and/or dining) you will have to wait until August. If you know you want to take a trip in 2011, be thinking about who, what, when, where etc. and shoot me an e-mail at:, so that when packages do come out I can go ahead and work up a free quote for you! Remember, it is free for you to use my travel agent services!

This morning Bobby and I ran 3 miles on a new route. I meant to take pictures for you guys for forgot my camera and phone. In other good news, I think I am going to get, FINALLY a DSLR camera, so YAY for better blog pictures! Have a good evening all!

QOTD: Do you have a DSLR? what kind? Do you love it?