I realized something while running today. I went to the gym and wanted to run 3 miles without stopping at a good pace. This is easy for me in cool weather but unfortunately with this heat I have not been able to do it outside. Well, mentally, I thought I just couldn’t do it period, even inside on a treadmill, because it has just been awhile, but I told myself that I was going to do it, had a goal.
Midway into the run, I was tired, and wanted to stop. I was uncomfortable, and wanted to walk and drink some water, but I refused to let myself so I kept going. got to mile 2.5 and thought “it would be ok if I just walked for 10 seconds while I downed some water” but again, I refused to let myself. I was not happy. I was MISERABLE, bored, tired, hot, very sweaty, and wanted to quit. I kept up my speed and powered through the whole thing.
After, I walked for about 10 minutes just to cool off and do some thinking. From this workout, it’s very obvious I CAN run 3 miles without stopping, but it’s that UNCOMFORTABLE feeling I shy away from. As soon as it gets hard, I feel like I need to stop. There is a certain pace I feel like I could hold for hours, but one I push past that pace to go a little faster…it gets hard, and I want to quit. Of course, the key to getting better is pressing on through the uncomfortable pace until it BECOMES your comfortable pace, but let’s face it people, mentally that can be tough!
So I am putting together an “uncomfortable” plan of action. I am going to try to do more tempo runs, where I am holding a faster pace, but not for the whole run. Just in intervals so that I can boost my speed and my confidence at the same time, and hopefully those intervals will just get longer and longer. It’s amazing how mentally challenging running is. Now if I can just convince my head that my body can run a marathon, I will be good to go!

QOTD: What do you do to push yourself when you get to that uncomfortable pace?