Evening friends!

Today we went to Lowe’s and bought something new for the house. Any guesses???

I will tell you on Tuesday, then I will have pictures :o)

I was supposed to run this morning, but slept 10 hours till 9:00!!! I think I was  alittle tired, no? So I said I would run this evening, which it took a LOT of willpower to do, considering we ate a HUGE dinner at chilli’s and my stomach now looks like I am 4 months pregnant. seriously. I forced myself out on my own, set to do 4 miles. The first mile was so nice and quiet an then out of nowhere the crazy wind picks up and literally is pushing me down the street, running skirt flying everywhere, and since I was running into it, dirt, small rocks, etc.were pelting me in the face and I was running with my eyes closed! (Kids, don’t try this at home.) Things were blowing across people’s lawns and the street, so I made an executive decision to cut it to 3 miles. (It also made me run fast..I hauled butt home it looked so scary outside, and I didn’t want to get impaled by a patio umbrella or something.) See for yourself:

scary!!! The outter bands or TS Bonnie are coming for us, aaaahhhh!!!!!

QOTD: What do you think we bought at Lowe’s today?