Ok, so inquiring minds have asked, so here ya go. I know some people will think this isn’t exciting in the least, but it is to me!


eeekkk! I am so excited to do laundry now! If you saw my sad machines I used to use, you would feel for me. I had Bobby’s GRANDPARENTS old washing machine and dryer. Oh yes. It was THAT awesome. It was getting bad, like having to run the dryer twice to dry things, etc. WHo knows how much electricity it was using! Also we will save on water for sure. I am so excited!

here is a close up of the washer:

I feel very 2010…and it’s halfway to 2011!
But before I came home to my exciting new appliances, I spent the day babysitting at their cousins pool. It was fabulous! The sun was coming in and out from behind the clouds so it wasn’t too hot!

HAHA my clothes in the dryer just finished, and the buzzer plays a little tune instead of beeping obnoxiously. Too funny! Rest day today, run tomorrow! have a good night!

QOTD: What kind of washer and dryer do you have?