Huh? ok here goes.

I had a good run this morning. FINALLY! I looked up the weather on my iphone and saw it “felt like” 91, with 75% humidity. SCORE! Isn’t that sad, that those numbers make me happy? ALSO, it was overcast. Double score! You can bet I laced up and took off! It. felt. great. For the first time in months, I actaully wasn’t dying by 1/2 a mile in, and I was actually *gasp* smiling! I did 3 miles, stopped twice for 10 seconds each to drink water (I am not capable of drinking a lot of water and running at the same time…it’s not pretty) I felt GOOD after, and was happy, not frustrated and discouraged. Sure, I was still soaking wet and it was plenty hot, but it’s that dang humidity, dry heat is SO much more bearable!

Look what I found:
The National Weather Service considers it dangerous to exercise when the heat and humidity meet (or exceed) the below combinations.

86° F 90%
88° F 80%
90° F 70%
92° F 60%
94° F 55%
96° F 45%
98° F 40%
(See for the complete chart.)

Also, HERE is a really good artice about how heat/humidity affects your run.

All summer I have been struggling mentally with my running. Why am I slow? Am I actually geting worse? This is not fun! Today prooved that I may be slow, but I am not getting worse. I am thankful for the heat to make me a stronger runner, but that doesn’t mean I can’t wait for fall!

Oh ya, tomorrow is FREE TEA DAY at McAlisters!!! The lines get really long, so go at an off time like 10:30 or 2:00 or something. You can bet I will be there with my tea tumbler! What is a tea tumbler you ask? Go to McAlisters and find out!

Also, here is a big shout out to Skinny Runner for featuring me on her awesome blog this morning. Go check it out!

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QOTD: Do you have a weather problem where you live? Snow? Heat? what?