So if you know me, you know I love my puppies. No, they are not really puppies, one is 2 and one is almost 9, but it’s kinda like how parents call their grown children their babies. Yeah, I guess I will be one of those people. So, with my love being expressed, I do wish one thing…that I had a puppy running buddy. My poor 8 pound dogs wouldn’t last 5 minutes on a run. Not only because they are so small, but so undisciplined and extremly distracted. We would get nowhere.

I read articles all te time about tis person and their dog, and so on and so forth. i even read an article in Runners World about a lady who ran a half marathon with her dog, and he got a medal, too. It was really cute, and I was kinda jealous.Ā 

So I try and think of all the things I love about my non running dogs, like….they are small enough to sit in my lap, or sleep on the bed, and I can easily carry them around and restrain them from attacking small children (which they don’t do….usually.)

But really, who could not love this sweet face anyway?

and no, this one is not dead. She just likes the coolness of the tile floor. Smart girl. I didn’t want to disturb her.

Today the humidity was fortunately lower, like yesterday, except the sun was out today while it was overcast yeaterday. Bobby ran with me this time, and we finished in a decent time. This month’s running isn’t where I wanted it to be, but it is DEFINATELY better than last months. A 10 day vaca and 2 death in the family will really hurt your miles, which is fine, but I was determined to do better this moth, which I have.

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QOTD: Do you run with your dog? how far?