Today has been pretty productive. I have cleaned up the house, made a bunch of phone calls/paying things off/getting paperwork done etc., shaved the dogs (oh, the aftermath!)

bathed the dogs, packed to go to my parents in New Orleans, made and ate lunch, washed some of Bellas stuffed toys, washed clothes, caught up on my blog reading. WHEW! Now…something is missing…oh yes, I haven’t run yet today! I was planning on running this morning but by time I got up and ate breakfast it was after 8 and already so hot and sunny, bleh. I decided I would wait until this evening and drive over to my favorite neighborhood to run. I am hoping for 5 miles, which means lots of water. This poses a problem because I can only carry so much. Enter fuel belt. I only wear this when I absolutely have to b/c it drives me crazy. It will be nice to have somewhere to put my phone and have my hands free, so I will see how it goes and let you know. I haven’t used it since last year. I will also stash an extra bottle in my car so when i pass by I can re fill up. Praying I have the motivation to get out there and go!

QOTD: How do you carry water when you run? Do you like it?