So I told you I was going to do 5 miles last night with my fuel belt so I didn’t have to carry water…well, I have good news and bad news. The belt worked out. Ya it was heavy and took some time to get used to, but it is stretchy and I pulled it down tight over my hips and it stayed in place well, score!
You can actually read my first post about my belt HEREFunny how I talk about how awesome it is and have hardly worn it. hehe!

Bad news, my run was a total flop! Everything about it was bad! I can’t even blame the heat. I mean, it was hot but I have run in way hotter. 1/2 a mile in my hip starts hurting. What? I haven’t had hip problems since March! Then I get an awful cramp. I work through it and from mile 1 to mile 2 I have a great mile. Then, around 2.4, I get really weak and shaky and can barely walk let alone run. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME! I think I ate enough….I waited an hour to run after I eat…I had water…I don’t know what happened! Any guesses? I was so frustrated I ran back to my car and just did 3 miles. Bleh. So, I am taking today off so maybe my hip will behave and I will try again tomorrow.

We are headed to NOLA for the weekend to see my parents and are going to Bobby’s favorite place tonight, the seafood buffet at the casino. Oh yes. He loves it. Hope everyone has a good weekend! I will be on Twitter, so follow me if you already aren’t!

QOTD: any good hip stretches I should know about?