Alright folks I am finally doing it, I am getting a DSLR camera! I have wanted one for YEARS, but always found other more “needed” ways to spend my birthday money. But, this year, I am actually buying myself something with my birthday money and not paying bills. WOO HOO! I love taking pictures, and my point and shoot does a REALLY good job, but I wanted more! Now, all the contraptions and buttons on it scare the heck out of me, but I am determined to learn at least some before our Disney trip in September so I can take awesome pictures! It will also really help me with blogging. Now, granted I will still take iphone pics when out on a run, at the store, etc. But I will try to take more “good camera” pics at home and when I have my camera with me.

I am getting the Nikon D5000. I thought about getting the 3000, but I would rather have a camera I can “grow into.” Does that make sense? I am excited because unlike some of the other Nikon models it has live mode on the LCD screen and it takes HD movies. You can check out all the specs here: Nikon D5000

It is being shipped here, I got a better deal online than in the stores, so it will be here between the 12th and the 17th. YAY!

In other news, Bobby and I ran 6 miles today, and after I told him under NO circumstances am I running that far again at 10:00 in the morning in the summer. We. almost. died. I have really been trying to put a positive spin on the weather (it will make me better, etc.) But this was just brutal. No clouds, total sun exposure, the “feels like{” temp was already at 96. We ran a 3 mile loop then stopped at the house to drink some Gatorade and coconut water and go back out again. It took every fiber of my being to force myself back out the door! S0, I told hubby we are leaving earlier next time, or I am going without him!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I have a sunday school group party to go to tonight, I am excited!

QOTD: any DSLR camera tips for me?