With the 2011 Disney packages coming out today, I went ahead and did something that *almost* seals the deal for me running the full marathon (insert big gulp here.) I booked our hotel room for the week. EEEKKK! So the only thing I HAVEN’T done yet is actually sign up for the marathon. I just haven’t worked up the nerve yet. I just feel SO FAR from where I want to be, and its so frustrating! But, this guy is keeping me going:

I want that Mickey medal around my neck so badly! So, I did take a step in the right direction today…but I am not quite there yet!

Today was a rest day, tomorrow I will run between 3-4 easy miles, depending on time. (I am babysitting tomorrow)

Alright, have a good night everyone, I am off to watch some football! Yeah yeah I know it’s just preseason and it doesn’t count blah blah blah but it’s still football and I love it and am so glad it’s back!!

QOTD: any marathon training tips for me and my lack of confidence?

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