Today was just one of those days. I got up early, but the day just flew and I still have so much to do! I am having some girls over tonight and I have yet to finish cleaning. Also, we always cook for each other, and I had no time, so I cheated and ordered out pasta for us ha! Ever just have one of those days? Today was supposed to be a cross training day, but I never even made it out of the house, so it was a rest day. I will run tomorrow and just only have one cross training day this week instead of two, I would rather get all my runs in.

What do you do on days where there is just no time to workout? Beat yourself up over it? Re arrange your schedule to make up for it? Never make up for it? I would love to hear your tips and tricks, because today, well, it just didn’t happen!

Tomorrow morning I will get up early and run (I hope) and maybe drag my husband with me, we will see! Hope everyone had a great day, I have to get back to cleaning up!

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