I have some exciting news to share! Melinda Hinson Neely is writing a book about first time marathoners. She sent out a call asking for people training for their first marathon, asking them to share their stores, stresses, motivations, and journey with her for the book. She picked 6 people to really highlight, and even though I wasn’t one of the 6, she still is letting me share some for her blog and for her book, I am so excited about this!!!
You can go here and check out what she is doing, it’s really neat!!! So with that happening, I feel like maybe it will help motivate me to run since I said I would for the book lol!

This morning Bobby and I ran 3 miles, and I was just not feeling it. It was slow and we walked some, I just wanted to go home, I have a lot on my mind, and I was having a had time focusing. I have a long run Saturday I better be ready for no matter how I am feeling!

Hope everyone has a great day, I am taking a random little road trip and will be back tomorrow evening. Hopefully my camera will come in tomorrow or Friday!