It has arrived! I am so excited. I took it for a test drive and snapped a few on auto and they look great! I am SO intimidated by all the buttons, I better get to reading! I have also been busy with Disney quotes, if you are going to Disneyworld, land, or on a cruise anytime between now and the end of 2011, contact me and I can give you a free quote and book your trip for you at no extra cost to you, seriously!

Anyway, let me back track a bit. Bobby and I took a random road trip yesterday, hopefully soon I will be able to tell you where and why. We found a pet friendly hotel and off we went!
I was waiting in the car for Bobby to check in. I am aware this is an awful picture!

The girls were ready to go explore!

we did some driving around to some places, had a nice dinner together, it was really nice and just what we needed this week! We got back into town a couple hours ago and I saw this!

I had several Disney quotes to do so I decided to leave the camera in the box until I was done, that was hard!

I brought clothes to work out in the hotel gym, but I slept AWFUL last night so I didn’t get up early enough to go. Hitting the gym tomorrow and long run Saturday! Have a great evening everyone, I am going to play with my camera and then get ready for the Saints first preseason game tonight. WOO HOO!

QOTD: Do you ever spontaneously go somewhere just to get away?