You can keep your job and be WRONG most of the time. Not many jobs where you can do that! I didn’t get to bed till late, so i decided to do my long run a little later today, no big deal because of the forecast. The forecast called for lots of clouds and scattered thunderstorms all day long. To me, I thought this would be a good opportunity to run a little later (lower humidity) and have some shade.

Well, I got up at 7:30 and the humidity was 95%, yuck. The windows were all soaking wet and fogged up!

We drove over to the neighborhood we usually do our long runs in, and it WAS cloudy…

But unfortunately not for long. All the clouds rolled away and the sun came out in full force. I was not prepared! I didn’t put on a lot of sunscreen nor did I have my hat in anticipation for gloomy weather. Boo! Of course, now it is thundering, after we are done! I think I need to change careers, and make weather predictions for the news. I am pretty obsessed with weather so it would be right up my alley!

We did 7 miles this morning. We parked by the lake and did 3.5 to the car, then refuled/refilled water bottle and did the other 3.5. I actually felt pretty decent till mile 6 then I started to ache. My hips are screaming at me right now! We came home and made pizza and fried okra (yes, you read that right!) and are just hanging out for awhile before we start doing more cleaning. Does it ever end?!?

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday! Stay cool and hydrated and have fun!

QOTD: If you could change careers what would you do?