Sometime rainy days can be depressing, but sometimes it means you can’t go outside and don’t feel like going anywhere so you get a lot of work done. Today has been one of those days. We had a lot of phone calls to make but thanks to our cell phone minutes resetting today (17th, weird right?) we were holding off. We also did some cleaning, ran errands, and went to the gym, picked up the other car, etc. I feel much more accomplished!

When it is sunny like it was yesterday, I feel guilty being inside all day so, like yesterday, I washed my car, went for a run, pulled some weeds, etc. Obviously I won’t be running around outside in this. At least my car gets the garage!

Here I am ready for the gym. Bella says she wants to come, too.

After the gym. When we come home, the pups get so excited you have to sit on the floor and “talk” with them so they will calm down!

At the gym, I did 45 minutes on the bike. My tummy felt a little funny so I figured I would do the easiest thing possible, sit on a bike and pedal! I read my Runner’s World magazine in the process. Then came home and ate ice cream. Seriously. Ben and Jerry’s cheesecake brownie.

ok friends of to do more DIsney quotes. They released fall and winter annual passholder rates this morning so working on some more things! Hope everyone’s day is not as soggy as mine!