Saturday morning Bobby and I got up and ran 8 miles. It was a nice change of scenery running at my parents house, even though we have run there several times before, it’s better than the routes here I have run 100 times!

Bobby wasn’t very happy I woke him up from his post run nap

My dad enjoys torturing poor Bella

“Help me mommy!”

Then Karen and Jason came over from Lake Charles and spent the night. We had a yummy dinner at Zea’s

Bobby kept making faces and wouldn’t just smile!

Karen and Jason

After dinner we walked over to Menchies for fro-yo!
I got vanilla snow and cake batter with strawberries and cherries

Bobby got the same flavor combo (are we meant to be together or what?) but he added sprinkles, kiwi, crushed oreos, etc.

“no shirt, no shoes, no fro-yo!”

This morning we ate breakfast at the Broken Egg Cafe, a tradition whenever they come into town!

My breakfast was delicious, french toast with a homemade pasty creme inside, topped with blueberries, strawberries, powdered sugar, and whip cream!

We drove home around lunch and then had a pot luck dinner at church and we just got home. Whew what a whirlwind! It was busy, but a really good weekend. Got a lot accomplished. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Sunday night!

QOTD: What did you do this weekend?