Ok, so I finally bit the bullet and bought a bondi band. I have crazy hair, and I hate HATE getting sweat in my eyes! I wore my bondi band for the first time today on a nice 3 miles low humidity run!
What kind of bondi band do you think I got? I had to support my boys in black and gold of course!!!

So far, I really like it. It kept a lot of sweat and hair out of my face, score!

Oh, also, i got my free giveaway hirt I won in a blog giveaway. it’s super cute! Only prolem is it’s really tight! I was told that it fits like a t-shirt but sadly it does not. it fits like a fitted T, and I got a small, so it is a little snug and short on my long torso. Oh well. Its very hard to take a selfpic with a heavy camera. I need to learn how to use the self timer.

it says “26.2, running down a dream” cute!

aaannddd just because SHE is super cute, here is your cute puppy fix for the day. Yes, she has one of her ratty toys in her mouth.

have a good day!

QOTD: Do you run in a headband? How do you fix your hair to run?

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