I have decided that unless something comes up betwen now and the end of September when I need to register…I am going to run the Jazz half. So is Bobby (but we won’t run together.) I have already reserved a hotel room in downtown NOLA, but I am waiting to register for the race until after vacation since that is non refundable. I am excited but nervous. I haven’t raced since May! I am SO competitive with myself, I really want a PR, but also hate putting pressure on myself. It’s such a complex thing with me! Hopefully I will have the time to put in some good training runs and it will be a good race. We will see! In case you missed my last post about the jazz half, you can check out the race website HERE.

Today was supposed to be cross training, but my arms are really sore from two days of arm workouts. I may just stretch, foam roll, and go for a walk. Long run is tomorrow morning!

Two weeks from today we will be in the happiest place on earth.

Disneyworld truly is my happy place… I just love being there and forgetting all my troubles and having fun! This is why I love my job so much, getting to help people plan their dream Disney vacation is so much fun! I can help you, too!

Don’t worry, while I am gone I won’t be blogging much, but I will be updating via twitter and my facebook fan pages, so if you have not joined, you can do so on the right sidebar to keep up with me on my trip (and at all other times, too!)

Have a magical day!

QOTD: What place makes you the happiest?