Hello everyone!

Today has been a good day so far. We woke up and went for a 6 mile cutback week run.Marathon training starts MONDAY! eeekk!
We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch then to the suit store. They were having a buy one sit get one free plus 2 free shirts and ties. The husband desperately needs a couple new, nice, suits that actually fit him and are not hand me downs. We got there and he almost died looking at the price, bt i tried to remember for that price he was getting TWO suits plys TWO shirts and TWO ties. He still wanted to die. Plus alterations. haha!

We ran an errand, then came home and I took a nap. I was out so fast! I just woke up and am quite groggy. Please forgive me if I am not making any sense! It just started to rain, so I think we are just going to hang out here the rest of the day and relax!

Something exciting coming, I am going to be hosting my very first blog giveaway soon! I can’t wait! I bought a sweatyband yesterday, and spoke with the lovely creator today, and she is going to send me something to giveaway to a lucky reader!!! Isn’t that fun? I am excited! So, keep checking back to see when that happens!

The band I got is super cute and super “me” of course it matches one of my running skirts, too. Duh!
Please excuse the “I just woke up and am not happy about running 6 miles” look!
Also, please excuse the shoes all over the floor and dog toys in the background!

I will be doing a full sweatyband review when I do my giveaway! Stay tuned! Don’t miss it!

Also, because she is so sweet when she sleeps (and a terror when awake!) I leave you with, Stinky!

QOTD: For exercise this weekend I am ____________