Hello! I figured today would be as good a day as any to talk about the BIG changes I have been mentioning, but first, what have we been up to today?

We had to do our long run today because of some things going on tomorrow, so we got up and ran 8 miles. The first 6.5 felt good, but boy that last 1.5 were hot, sunny, and brutal! Come on fall! It does feel good to have it over with though and now we can just enjoy the weekend. We were supposed to keep a 12:38 pace, but that just didn’t happen. Maybe if it was 6 am, or October, but not labor day weekend at 10:00 am!! I did test out a new sweaty band and can’t wait to do my giveaway! It will be middle of next week, right before I go on vaca, so stay tuned!

After our run we went to lunch and the grocery store. I was hoping we wouldn’t have to go again before our trip, but we literally have nothing to eat so we grabbed a few things to hold us over until Wednesday.


What’s that you say? Oh, I am pretty sure that is a for sale sign in front of our house! It’s official, we are moving on out of here! Bobby officially accepted a job yesterday on the gulf coast, so we will be moving as soon as our house sells, or maybe even sooner. This had been in the works for a long while now…we have been back and forth with a few things all summer. We knew we wanted to move, especially after Bobby’s dad passed away this summer, but we were not sure where and tossed a few ideas around. When Bobby got offered this job we beat around the bush for awhile but deep down knew this was it, it just took a little while for us to come around!

It’s been amazing to see how God has orchestrated everything together to just fall into place to make this possible. We bought a lot, and will be building a house! Also, we will be close enough to my parents to drive to them for the day and so forth. Also, all my extended family will be closer (they all live in the same area) and we will be so close to the beach and closer to Disneyworld! (This is VERY important!) All in all I think it will be great for us. We have had a VERY hard summer…a lot of it I haven’t talked about on here because of legal reasons, but hopefully all can be revealed once it’s all over. We really just need a fresh start, just the two of us, away from this place. I will definitely miss my Bible study girls, my church, etc. But we will only be a couple of hours away so I am trying not to focus on the sad!

Ok so now I can say, we long ran this morning because people are coming to look at the house tomorrow at the time we are usually long running, and we need to take the dogs with us so the people can come look. Then tomorrow evening we are cleaning out more of Bobby’s dad’s house. Let me tell you…I made my parents promise to not die and leave me with a huge house full of CRAP to have to clean out and go through. Can I just say this had been the biggest nightmare, EVER!?! We just got off the phone with the guy who is going to help us fix it up (he actually built the house) and it is going to cost a LOT of money to fix it up because it was neglected for so long. (Used to be a nice house.)

Alright, so sorry for the long rambling post, I have been wanting to tell you all for so long, it’s been so hard to not talk about, but we wanted to wait until Bobby was officially offered the job and the house was on the market! Ok must go clean up, realtor coming by later to take pictures of the inside of the house for the internet!

QOTD: Have you ever uprooted and moved? Was it a good decision?