Good morning! The day is finally here! Yes I am talking about both my vacation and my first blog giveaway! I am super excited about this!

Sweaty Bands was kind enough to give me a sample pack to review for my blog. A sample pack includes one thick and one thin band. I already own a thin band, so i decided to keep the thick one so I could review both, and then giveaway the thin one.

I have been hearing about sweaty bands for quite some time, but had not yet made the leap to buy one. I usually just wear a hat, or attempt to clip my stray hairs back. But, those methods are not near as cute as sweaty bands!

I will admit when I first put it on it felt a little tight on my head. But, after awhile, I forgot it was there and it wasn’t a problem. I liked both thin and thick versions, but if I HAD to choose I would pick thin over thick.


The BEST thing about these little bands is that THEY STAY PUT! I have very thick hair and regular headbands pop out all the time, but not this one. The have this great velvet-like material on the underside so it stays in place. It didn’t move at all during a hot, humid, sweaty 8 mile run. Score!

Not to mention, they have TONS of designs, one to match every outfit. There are just pages and pages of cute bands you can buy, this is one of the things I love! I love being able to express myself when I run and these bands help to do the trick.


I have worn both bands multiple times now and do not see any change in the elasticity so i don’t think one day it’s just not going to hold my hair. I will definitely be buying more of these babies! The best part is, now you can have your own sweaty band to try out, for free! 

This is how my sample pack came in the mail:


Below you can see the difference in the thin and thick bands:


Below is the band that you can win!


Super cute, right? So how do you win you ask? there are a few ways, but first, here are the details.

-I am going out of town today, so the giveaway will be open until I get back from vacation, which is September 18th (Saturday). Contest closes at midnight central time on that date.

-I hate doing this, but this giveaway is open to US residents only. I am so sorry!! I feel really bad about this, because I LOVE my international readers! I hope at some point to do a global giveaway!!

Here is how you can enter, please leave a separate comment for each:

1.) Subscribe to my blog and let me know that you did so (you can do so on the sidebar)

2.) Follow me on Twitter and let me know you did so (you can follow me in the sidebar)

3.) Repost this giveaway on your blog and link back so I know you did so

4.) Tweet about this giveaway and include my site and @runningwithsass in the tweet and leave a comment telling me you did so

5.) visit The Sweaty Bands Website and tell me which band you would love to wear.


I hope everyone has a GREAT rest of the week! Remember, I am going out of town so I won’t be blogging, but get those giveaway entries in! I will be tweeting during my trip so if you want to keep up with my vacation follow me on twitter or join my FB fan pages! I will miss you!!!