This morning I had a miserable 4 miles run. The high here today is 103. I kid you not. Also, not a cloud in the sky!! I felt like the sun was burning through my skin. But, what was even worse that was I felt tight, sluggish, heavy, and tired the whole time. I really started having some doubts about running 26.2 miles. The heat causes delirium, I swear! I started thinking “is this how it’s going to be? this sucks!” But, then I thought of something….I ate AWFUL on my trip. Coke at every meal (which I NEVER do) appetizers, entrees, and desserts at every meal (which I also never do!) tons of snacks in between, ice cream, cookies, steak every night, you name it, I ate it.

     Even 3 days later, I am definitely paying the price. 4 easy miles is usually a cake walk. We ran 3 times while we were gone and we walked a LOT in the parks so I couldn’t have lost that much fitness, it’s got to be the food! So, Since I have been home I have been drinking water like crazy, eating fruits, smoothies, etc. and trying to avoid processed things and beef for a few days and see if I can get back to normal.

     So then I started thinking…I used to eat pretty poorly all the time, and I have gotten much better. How did I function back then? All I wanted to do after I ate on vacation was sleep. No wonder the people of America can’t get off their butts and workout, they are too exhausted after eating crappy food! What a shame. Even though my run was crappy I feel SO much better now, and actually have more energy which I love. If only people would try to make a few small changes they would feel so much better and be able to exercise more…wishful thinking…


I am working on a post for later tonight or tomorrow with pictures from Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party, so come back later to check i out! But, I thought I would leave you with a sneak peak of a few pics from our trip…..








QOTD: Have you ever felt sluggish running after vacation?