Good afternoon! I am in a really good mood because I had an awesome ten mile run this morning with Bobby. It has been so hot here, and we always start long runs between 9:30 and 10:30, and it’s just miserable. We start so late because hubby works till 10:30 pm on Friday’s, but I was selfish today and told him we were going early! I got up at 6:15 and we ran at 7:30. The sun was already up, and it was already 78 degrees, but still better than 95! Temps rose to about 85 by the time we were done, but it was still SO much cooler and I went so much faster, and this run actually felt good. No cramps, no hip pain, it was fabulous!


What is this I see?


hhmmm let’s get closer to check it out!


There were some people in a hot air balloon and it landed right in front of us as we were going by. We saw another one in the air, too over the lake. They were so pretty! What a beautiful day for a ride! (Even though you would have to drag me kicking and screaming onto one of those babies because I am petrified of heights!)


We ran the first six miles so quickly, it just flew by! We stopped by the car to grab a GU (vanilla, yum) and some Gatorade and refuel and we were back at it again. When I got to mile 7, I did some calculations and realized if we pushed it, we could finish under 2 hours. The last mile was SO hard (it was getting hot by then and I pushed harder than I have in a while, but we did it, finishing in 1 hour 58 minutes, yay! We came home and I iced my ankles and hips as a preventative measure, but I am feeling good! I definitely could have kept going (not at that pace, but still!)


Ok so what is my title all about. Well….even though it costs more than I like….we signed up for another half marathon…two weeks from today! Are we crazy or what! I realized there was one literally 5 minutes from my house, and since we are moving we figure it’s our last hurrah, final race up here, so why not. We have a long training run that day anyway, so may as well make it interesting!


*note, I know in the picture it says “run for life marathon” but the picture is cut out, it also says “…and half marathon” no no, I am not doing a full in two weeks! Anyway, the race is called Run for Life, celebrating fitness. They are giving away a car! Right now we have a 2 in almost 700 chance to win it. woot!


Here is the link to the race site if you want to check it out:

 Run for Life Marathon and Half Marathon


Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday. High today is 94, but all next week highs are in the 80’s with some low’s in the 50’s AAAHH! I don’t even know if I remember what that feels like!!! Stoked to run in that!!!


QOTD: Have you ever signed up for a race, last minute/on a whim?