Afternoon! I can officially say it is a beautiful FALL day here! I woke up this morning and took the dogs out, and at 8:00 it was still only 57 degrees! I was so excited to run, but I had to wait for Bobby to get home from the gym. We headed out around 9:15 and I was CHILLED when we started, love it! Today was supposed to be an “easy run,” and all summer on my easy runs I have had to carry water, stop at least once, and they were SLOW even for easy runs. Not today! Didn’t carry water, didn’t stop at all, finished 4-6 minutes faster than usual. Score!  So maybe I am not getting slower as I had began to fear, I just had been running in miserable conditions since May! Anyway, the run flew by, and Bobby had an appointment to go to then I was meeting him to do more cleanup….ug. While he was gone I decided to take some pictures of some of my fall decorations, because, it’s FINALLY here!






This tree was a beautiful yellow yesterday…and now it is already brown. boo!





If you look closely you can see some of the leaves turning yellow!


We got some more cleaning done, the laundry room is now clean out along with the kitchen and living room…only about 7 more rooms to go! gah!


Hope everyone makes it through their Monday unscathed, it should be close to quitting time for some!


QOTD: What is your favorite thing about fall?