Another beautiful day here in central Mississippi! I think I will go for a walk in a little while as my cross training. My legs were really aching last night from my long run Saturday and 3 miles yesterday. I usually don’t get sore until two days after, so I foolishly thought I was ok on Sunday since I wasn’t hurting. Boo!


   Today has been one of those “take care of random things around the house” days. Paying bills, doing dishes, making phone calls, doing some Disney travel stuff, etc. I NEED to pack more but it’s so overwhelming I don’t know where to start!


   Tomorrow, We are going to visit Bobby’s mom and her husband about an hour and a half from here. They just built a house on the golf course so I am hoping to get some good blog pictures! Also on the agenda for tomorrow, haircuts and checkups for the furry ones. We are just going to drop them off for the day before we go. Works out perfectly! They are getting REALLY shaggy!


Whenever Bobby or I cook, Bella stays RIGHT under us, waiting for something to fall…



Bobby making Tuna salad (gross!) Yup, he shirtless. If he is home, you can bet he is not wearing a shirt. He hates clothes. Maybe we should move to a nudist colony? HHhhmm…don’t think I would go for that one!


…and yes, I have already busted out my Halloween PJ pants! I mean, I can only wear them for a short time, so I am starting now!



Guess what Bobby and I are doing Thursday? We are getting massages! I am SO excited. Can you believe I have never had a professional massage?! I mean, Bobby gives them to me and does a great job, but still. There is a new place in town and they are offering half price massages on Tuesdays and Thursdays, $35 for an hour for a new client. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? I am so excited. My back has been bothering me since I have been long running again, and I am hoping this will help my poor muscles! Would love to make this a regular thing at that price!!!


Ok ok, I am going to go pack, and then I have my girls group meeting tonight, can’t wait to see them!!! Have a great afternoon everyone!


QOTD: Do you get massages ever? often? never?

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