Today Bobby and I ran our longest training run to date, 12 miles. We haven’t run that far since the Mardi Gras rock n roll half in February! It was an absolutely beautiful morning, not a cloud in the sky! We ran through our favorite neighborhood to run in, on the trails, all over the place to complete our 12 miles.


Something new and interesting is happening to me…I am chafing!!! I have never had this problem before. I guess it’s because I am doing higher mileage, and it’s not hot/humid so I am not sweating as much? I am chafing on my legs, under my arms, on my sports bra line, and on the inside of my left heel. Huh? I am going to have to coat myself in body glide from now on I guess!! It felt pretty good despite that. I could breathe easier since my chiropractor appointment, and my hips felt a little smoother. I don’t at all feel completely “normal” as I know there is still work to be done on my back!


   We came home and ate lunch and I treated myself to a cream soda. Bobby and I both love cream soda, but we only buy it maybe twice a year, so this was a special treat!



Some fun news, we may be going to the Viking Classic tomorrow! It’s part of the PGA golf tour. Someone gave Bobby 2 free tickets and tomorrow is the last day, so I said..why not? We of course would go early so we could be back in time for the Saints game! I will bring my good camera if we go and try and get some good pictures! We also plan to do some more cleaning out at Bobby’s dad’s house tomorrow and the rest of the week. Bobby’s last day of work at the cheer gym was last night, so we are going to be doing some hardcore packing the next two weeks to prepare for our big move!!


I hope everyone has a fabulous Saturday and I hope it’s as beautiful at your house as it is here! (Oh, and go Tigers! LSU game comes on soon!)


 QOTD: What food/drink is considered a special treat that you don’t get that often?