Good evening! Today has been quite the busy one! This morning, Bobby and I went to the Viking Classic golf tournament, which is part of the PGA tour. Someone gave us free tickets, so we said “why not?” Sadly, I was told one of a bloggers most dreaded words..”no cameras allowed.” Bummer! So I took some pictures leading up to where we parked just to have something haha! (Also, no cell phones were allowed!)


On the way to the tournament at Annandale Golf club, which is about 5 minutes from our house.



These were taken through the windshield (which is very dirty) I even got a shot of some golfer haha!







I found this quite amusing, and those that love Disney will appreciate it. When we were leaving, a lady stopped and took our picture, then handed us a card and said we could go online and view/buy. I felt like it was Disney’s photopass service, too funny! Here is our picture.


We got back in the car, and had a voicemail from someone wanting to see our house. YIKES! We were starving and planning to stop for lunch, but our house was a MESS. So we ate Mexican really quickly, got home in time for Saints kickoff, and cleaned at commercials and in between plays! They came and went, then we left again because we got a call for someone wanting to look at Bobby’s dad’s house, so we went over there, showed the house, and did about an hours worth of more cleaning, and now we are home and tired, whew! All I can say is at least our house is really clean again!


I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I am not really sore from our run which is good. We took a walk last night and walked a lot at the tournament this morning so I think that has helped. Tomorrow will be an easy recovery run, then 5 miles Wednesday then the half marathon Saturday!