Good evening all! I hope you all had  a fabulous Friday! Today was a little crazy. We went to the chiropractor twice, showed Bobby’s dad’s house, had someone come look at our house, went to packet pickup, cleaned up our house for the showing…whew! We are finally getting to relax a bit and start thinking about our race tomorrow!

One of the biggest things I need to remember about this race is that it is a glorified training run. This half is NOT my ultimate goal. My goal is of course the full marathon in January, so I don’t want to push too hard and get injured for then. Easier said than done. This girl is competitive so it will be interesting to see how it goes!

I am also debating on brining my point and shoot camera. Honestly it’s a boring course…mostly I don’t know if I want to lug it around just for that. we will see how I feel tomorrow morning.

So, we went to packet pickup which was conveniently at my church in the lobby of the sanctuary. They had a couple of vendors there selling things, and they had the car out front one lucky runner will win! Score! It’s a tiny little thing!





Swag! Bobby was most excited about the Chic-Fil-A coupons, and I was most excited about the advertisement for this:


This, my friends, is an ad for Gigi’s cupcakes!!! Heavenly! I don’t usually go to the part of town where the store is, but I just HAPPEN to have an appointment there in a week or so, so I just MAY happen to stop by…hhmm…

Here is Bobby modeling the tech t-shirt we got.


The race starts at 7, we are going to get there about 6:15. (it’s only about 8 minutes from our house.) They are announcing the winner of the car at 6:30 (hey, we have 2 shots out of over 750 people!) and then we are off at 7:00, so hopefully I will be done before it gets to hot. Did I say hot? Oh yes, I forgot to mention. The high lately has been in the upper 70’s low 80’s….until tomorrow, when it spikes to a high of 95, then goes back down Sunday. I am not even kidding. WHY!?

Anyway, on to something not so depressing. Yurbuds! yes, yurbuds. I was the winner of Katye’s giveaway a while back, and I just got my own customized yurbuds in the mail yesterday! I opted for pink, a special edition color for breast cancer awareness.

You haven’t heard of Yurbuds? well, let me tell you! You send them a picture of your ear with a regular earbud in it or a quarter up next to your ear and they tell you what size you are. These things are soft, comfy, don’t make your ears ache and won’t fall out! Also, the sound is better so you don’t have to turn your ipod up as loud to hear the music, and therefore you don’t waste as much battery. I am so excited to wear mine for the first time in the race tomorrow!




I tried to take a self portrait of me with the yurbuds in, to show you all how they look in your ears. Not only was I not successful, but I look mean in my picture!


So I decided to take another one.


I guess that’s a little better!

Ok, I am off to make sure I have everything ready for tomorrow so I don’t have to get up quite as early. If you are up early be thinking of me! I will try to twitter right before and right after the race!!

QOTD: What kind of earphones do you use?