Good evening! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was good until about 15 minutes ago when the Saints lost to the Cardinals. I am so unhappy with them right now!!! I know it’s hard to repeat as super bowl champs, but come on! Moving on…today was open house day at our house!





These signs were at the interstate and lead to our neighborhood


S0 we were homeless for a couple house, so we ran some errands, I got an iced pumpkin spice latte, and we showed Bobby’s dad’s house. We had the dogs with us so we couldn’t do a whole lot. While out running errands, I spotted a hidden mickey on the ground, and Bobby gave me a really hard time for taking a picture of it!


Apparently it was kind of a slow day, but we did have some people look at the house. We came back, watched the Saints game I had Tivoed, and now I am trying not th throw things in my anger!!!

Bobby and I are both so sore from our race. My knee still hurts but not as badly. I have general leg soreness, but it’s not terrible. We signed up for the Mardi Gras Rock n Roll half again for this year today. We used the 10-10-10 $20 code. It was hard to sign up for another half still in pain from this one though ha! So…I have the Jazz half, possibly another half, then the Disney full and Mardi Gras half. Going to be a busy next few months, but I am excited!

   I hope everyone had a great weekend, we have a LOT going on this week, we are on the countdown to moving!!! Goodnight!

QOTD: What did you do this weekend?